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Changes in Printers

At one time printer would be something that just did one job and that was print whatever you had on your PC but today those printers are different. The printers of today, or at least most of them, combine a printer with a scanner, copier and in some instances, even a fax. These tasks can be combined into one machine because they all use the same type of ink, ink which is usually provided in a disposable ink cartridge. By combining these pieces of machinery, not only is space saved but not as many electrical sockets are needed either and they are often more convenient. A recent study has shown though that the use of disposable ink cartridges could be adding to the environmental problems that the world is facing today. One of the problems which environmentalists are concerned about is the size and number of landfills and as disposable cartridges are placed in those landfills, they contribute to the problem. A cartridge may be relatively small but when you consider that up until 2011, 1.8 billion of them plus another 500 million laser jet ink cartridges, had been placed in landfills, they are a significant contributor to the size of the landfills.

The environmentalists have therefore convinced the US government and several of the European governments, to look into the problem with a view to reducing the 350 million ink cartridges that are estimated to be going to be placed in landfills every year from here on. These governments are now considering bringing in new legislation to relieve this potential problem. One of the things they are looking at is a law that would ban disposable cartridges, only allowing refillable cartridges to be used in the future. Although this may be a slight inconvenience for users, it should make the cost of the ink cheaper. At the moment, because when we buy ink we also have to pay the full price of the disposable cartridge which it comes in; ink has become more expensive per millilitre than the world’s best champagnes. The big manufacturers like HP who provide perhaps best hp 364 ink in their cartridges, may be affected more but any legislation that is brought in will probably only be applicable to new machines and so they will not lose money either.

One of the changes in printers in modern times is a switch to the rapidly increasingly popular laser jet printers. These new printers need two elements to work efficiently, first of course they need the ink that will usually come in a separate cartridge but also they need a drum which distributes the ink to the paper. The drum on these printers also needs to be changed on occasions as when they have been used, they start to print in an erratic fashion. Some laser jet printer manufacturers have therefore added a drum into the ink cartridge which is certainly more convenient but it does mean that when you pay for ink, you are also paying for the drum as well as the cartridge itself and the drum may not need changing yet.