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Dog Proof Trash Can Solution – Effective Methods and Options

A dog proof trash can solution is the answer for your dog’s nasty and messy habit. Even with proper training, dogs have the urge to dig in the trash and eat what they find edible. That’s because it is a dog’s instinct to sniff your trash and eat stuffs there because of the smell. The best dog proof trash can solution keeps your dog out of the trash all the time. You have 100% peace of mind simply because the container is airtight sealed. Keep your trash intact and tidy at all times even when you’re not home. No matter how stuffed or well-fed your dog is, they cannot resist the urge to dig in the trash. Buy the most reliable and specialized dog proof trash can solution to put an end to your dilemma. Nowadays, you can find a slew of different models and brands in the market. Shop and compare different dog proof bins and choose the ideal item that caters to your needs and budget.


Dog Proof Trash Can Solution and Other Tips


Dog Proof Trash Can Solution.  A lot of brands claim that their products are dog proof. However, you need to take extra caution in choosing the right dog proof trash can solution. Choose a top quality trash can with secured designs and features especially if you have a sneaky and intelligent pooch. Some dogs figure out the best way to open the trash can lid using their snout. Dog proof trash cans with butterfly lids are highly recommended especially with step pedals. These models could be quite expensive but it is still worth every penny. A reliable dog proof trash can solution offers airtight lock system that doesn’t open even when the bin is knocked over. You may also consider a slimmer design so that it is easy to place in narrow spaces. Just make sure that the container is also heavy enough so as not to be tipped over. Another dog proof trash can solution is to spray stuff on the trash. The smell of the trash is what triggers the dog’s instinct to dig in and eat your trash. Try cayenne pepper or sour apple sprays to mask the odor. These odors are likewise natural and will not harm your dog. They will only deter them from sniffing the trash.


There are dog proof trash can solution that lets you eliminate the spraying. Charcoal filters in most dog proof bins are designed to absorb the trash odors. It eventually prevents dogs from sniffing your trash simply because there are none to sniff. These dog proof trash cans may cost extra but you need not bother with the spray and all. Contemporary trash bins also have advanced designs that offer airtight locking system. There are models that are easily bolted to the wall for better and more secured position. Keep your trash safe and intact at all times. Your house will certainly stay clean and trash-free even with your pooch around. Discover the best dog proof trash can solution at Pooch Proof.