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Mattress Toppers

Today many people are opting to buy mattress toppers instead of having to spend the additional money that buying a complete mattress you require them to do. The mattress topper sale reviews will show that the purchasing of these mattress toppers is becoming increasingly popular and if you understand exactly what a mattress topper is, that will not be at all surprizing to you.

A mattress topper is the upper section of a mattress, the part that offers comfort as opposed to the majority of the mattress which is merely there for the support of your body. For example, of you splice through a memory foam mattress, you would see that it has two very distinct layers, a thick one on the bottom and a thinner one on the top. The bottom layer is for support and is made of a hard material, in this case solid foam. This layer would be very uncomfortable to lie on alone but it is sturdy enough to support the weight of what lies on it. The thinner layer on the top offers nothing in terms of support for the body bit does provide the comfort by being made from memory foam. Memory foam is specifically designed so that the mattress will remember its shape before you lie on it and then return to that shape once you get up. This means that the mattress remains as comfortable as it is when first bought by not sagging in the places where you lie on it most.

A memory foam mattress topper then, is the top layer of a memory foam mattress. The memory foam mattress topper will therefore offer you the same comfort as a full memory foam mattress but it will have no support and so cannot be used on its own. however, what people are starting to discover though is, although their old mattress could no longer provide them with the comfort they wanted for a good night’s sleep, it was ideal for providing the support that a mattress topper needed in order to be used effectively. By using a memory foam mattress topper and their old mattress, people could secure the comfort they were seeking at night, without having to pay the price of a full, complete new mattress which. in some instances of course, this can be a huge saving.

The option today of only having to buy a mattress topper instead of a full mattress is one that is affording many people the ability to get a better night’s sleep which is important for our well-being. It is recommended that most people need 8 hours sleep per night and assuming you lay on a mattress to get that sleep. It means that in your life-time, you will spend some 220,000 hours lying on a mattress. If because the mattress is uncomfortable, you are unable to get that much sleep, you will probably find yourself always feeling tired and others may find you a little cranky and even if you do sleep, you may wake up with aches and pains.